The OKR Academy

Deliver your strategy and help your organization grow faster with in-depth learning on goals, strategy, and everything in between.

What you'll get from the OKR Academy

Learn from experience

Our OKR coaches have led hundreds of hours in successful OKR program implementations across a variety of industries, and are happy to bring their tried and tested knowledge to you. 

Boost your career

Goals are the most important ingredient for success. In our courses, we'll provide you with best practices, how-to tips, and guide you to successfully set and implement your goals.

Be outcome-obsessed

Teach your brain to think about outcomes, not outputs. Focus on the impact you’re creating both inside and outside your job, to work smarter with greater purpose.

Put it into action

Want to apply your newfound knowledge right away? Sign up for a free Perdoo account. As we guide you through the process, start adding in your goals for a greater impact.
Deliver results that matter. 

About Perdoo

Perdoo is the OKR platform used by tomorrow’s market leaders to turn strategy into results. It’s all the tools and expert coaching you need to focus everyone on your strategy and the goals that’ll deliver it.

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Head over to our resources page to access a wide collection of content on goals, strategy, and everything in-between.
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